Everyone Can Use Five ways to live as long as Queen Elizabeth II

Everyone Can Use Five ways to live as long as Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96. We know that Life expectancy at birth in the UK from 2018 to 2020 was 79.0 years for males and 82.9 years for females. Obviously, the Queen’s life expectancy is significantly higher than the average life expectancy of the British people.

Queel’s grace

Everyone knows that the Queen of England is the head of state of 16 countries and the head of the Commonwealth of 53 countries. The Queen needs to sign numerous documents and make important decisions every day. And also need to worry about the big and small affairs of the British royal family. She has been in power for 70 years, all year round, and she is in charge of every day. Even two days before her death, she attended the appointment of a new prime minister on crutches.

King Charles III once said: “The Queen is a person who is always on the move. She has no time to rest.”

But the queen we see is always in high spirits, quick-witted, elegant, fashion-loving, updates on social accounts, and can ride a horse when she is in her 90s…

How does the Queen do this? In addition to the Queen’s world-class medical and food level, in fact, the following 5 ways to help the Queen live a long life can be done in ordinary people.

Stay Optimistic

queen elizabeth ii smiles

Since the Queen was born in 1926, she has experienced countless major historical events, but she has always been able to lead the British Empire out of predicament and confusion at critical moments, and encourage her people to welcome victory. This power comes from the Queen’s strong heart and self-confidence. The Queen’s optimistic mood infected the whole world.

So we have to be happy all the time and try to make ourselves happy. There is a way to keep yourself optimistic and happy, that is, when you are tired and troubled, you can relax your tense nerves through appropriate entertainment, restore your nerves’ vitality, and make yourself happy again. You can play golf according to your own preferences, buy tickets for ball games, watch movies, play video games, etc. The optimistic habit will bring you endless energy.

University of Kentucky researcher Deborah Danner and her colleagues conducted a famous nun experiment.

They studied the entry autobiographical files of 178 nuns who were recruited in 1932, when the average age of the nuns was 22.

According to the frequency of positive words (such as love, happiness, contentment, gratitude, happiness, etc.) appearing in these autobiographies, they were evenly divided into four categories of most positive, generally positive, generally negative and most negative emotions. Then track the life expectancy of these nuns. The results were shocking and uplifting. At age 85, 90 percent of the nuns in the quarter with the most positive emotions were alive; only 34 percent of the nuns in the quarter with the most negative emotions were alive. The number of people alive with the most positive emotions is 2.6 times as many as the people with the most negative emotions.

At age 93, 54 percent of the nuns in the quarter with the most positive emotions were alive; only 11 percent of the nuns in the quarter with the most negative emotions were alive. The number of people living with the most positive emotions was 4.9 times as many as the people with the most negative emotions.

a nun is standing behind father in a church

The study also found that longevity had little to do with the city the nuns lived in, the level of pollution, religiosity, or family status. Moreover, the nuns who were still alive with the most positive emotions were significantly better than those with the most negative emotions in terms of health status, speed of recovery after illness, and mental outlook. Therefore, the answer is obvious, people with positive emotions and optimism will really live longer, healthier and more energetic!

Maintain Regular Exercise and Fitness Habits

Queen Elizabeth ii has insisted on walking in Windsor Park every weekend for decades. The Queen’s walk adopts the “royal walking method. When walking, keep your head up and your chest up, the pace is fast, and it will last for a period of time. This walking posture can correct the senile hunchback, remove abdominal fat, exercise cardiopulmonary function, and make people refreshed.”

Queen Elizabeth (with a horse groom) on a ride at Windsor Castle in 2016

Everyone’s sports hobbies are different, and ordinary people can choose the sports they like. Such as going to the gym with your favorite fitness equipment. Or go outdoors with friends to get close to nature and explore unknown environments. While exercising, you may also gain friendship and even love. Exercise does have the effect of prolonging life.

Large-scale studies have found that for people over 40 years of age, 3.74 MET of physical activity per week (recreational physical activity) is equivalent to an increase in life expectancy of 1.8 years relative to the non-exercise group. For the group with high weekly physical activity (more than 22.5MET per week, equivalent to more than 450 minutes of brisk walking), this data is 4.5 years. However, if you actively exercise in your spare time (18.5 to 24.9 MET per week) and have a normal weight, this is equivalent to 7.2 years of life expectancy.

Relationship of hazard ratio of mortality  and leisure time physical activity

Physical exercise in spare time (recreational physical exercise) can effectively reduce the risk of death, which is directly equivalent to reducing the loss of lifespan due to lethal factors, which is equivalent to “increasing” lifespan:

years of life gain

In particular, active physical activity can reduce the incidence of common fatal diseases such as cancer and heart disease by more than 40%.

For groups such as the elderly who are not suitable for long-term/high-intensity exercise, low-intensity, short-duration, regular and continuous exercise can have the same “life extension effect”.

From the type of exercise, aerobic endurance exercise has the best effect of prolonging life. In particular, for professional athletes, only aerobic endurance exercise can increase lifespan, and other types of exercise have inconsistent effects on professional athletes. Such as team sports basketball, football, explosive sprinting, weightlifting, etc. Such sports should take into account the huge impact of sports injuries.


  1. Overall, physical exercise can effectively “increase” life expectancy;
  2. For the general population (non-athletes), the longer the exercise time, the more regular and the higher the intensity, the more obvious the effect of increasing life expectancy;
  3. The effect of physical exercise on people with normal weight is more obvious, and the effect on obese people is greatly reduced;
  4. Physical exercise has a positive effect on the health of people of most ages and can significantly reduce the risk of fatal diseases;
  5. By type, aerobic endurance exercise had the greatest effect on lifespan growth. Team sports, explosive sports have a higher risk of sports injuries;
  6. Moderation of physical activity also needs to be considered. Professional athletes often experience a reduction in life expectancy due to sports injuries.

Have High-quality Sleep

Queen Elizabeth’s life is very regular.In any case, once it reaches 10 p.m., she will leave first so that she can go to bed at 11.The Queen’s consistent routine of going to bed on time at 11 pm and getting up on time at 7:30 am will not change even if she visits or travels abroad.

**High-quality sleep is a “must-have” for longevity. **During sleep, digestive function, cardiopulmonary function, and respiratory function are rested, which is of great help in regulating physiological functions, improving body immunity, and delaying aging. University of Chicago research shows that the highest quality sleep can reduce the risk of cancer.

Effects of sleep on the human body:

  1. Restore physical strength. During sleep, the gastrointestinal tract and its related organs continue to synthesize and manufacture the energy substances of the human body to replenish energy. At the same time, due to the decrease in body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, and the decrease in breathing and part of the endocrine, the basal metabolic rate is reduced so that the physical strength can be recovered.

  2. Supplement brain power. The brain’s oxygen consumption is greatly reduced during sleep, which is beneficial to the repair of brain cells and the storage of energy. Therefore, sleep can protect the brain, improve brain power, strengthen memory, and regulate brain function. Adequate sleep, energetic, quick thinking, high efficiency.

  3. Regulate emotions. Sleep is crucial to protect people’s mental health and maintain their normal psychological activities. Sleep can regulate emotions, relieve psychological pressure, and dilute the adverse effects of bad emotions on the human body. If the short-term sleep effect is not good, there will be a distraction, easy agitation, irritability or mental depression. And for a long time, it can cause abnormal situations such as unreasonable thinking, hallucinations and even mental breakdown.

  4. Enhance immunity. Under normal circumstances, the human body can produce antibodies to various invading antigenic substances and eliminate them through an immune response to protect human health. Sleep can enhance the body’s ability to produce antibodies, thereby increasing the body’s resistance. It can also speed up the process of self-recovery of various tissues and organs. Insomniacs lack sleep, the next day’s white blood cells will be reduced by 28%, and 76% of the people’s immunity will be greatly reduced the next day. Therefore, they are susceptible to other diseases.

  5. Promote growth and development. Sleep is closely related to the growth and development of children. The brain continues to develop for a long time after birth, and this process is inseparable from sleep. And children grow faster in a sleep state because plasma growth hormone can be maintained at a high level for three consecutive hours during sleep. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that children get enough sleep to promote their growth and development.

  6. Delaying ageing The metabolism is reduced to the lowest level during sleep, and the anabolism is greater than the catabolism, so it can delay ageing and ensure a long life. The daily ageing rate of severe insomnia is 2.5 to 3 times that of normal people, the body’s immune function is reduced, and the incidence of cancer is 30% higher than that of normal people.

  7. Good for skin health. During sleep, the capillary circulation of the skin increases, the secretion and clearance processes are strengthened, and the proliferation of skin cells is accelerated. So good for skin health.

How to Get High-Quality Sleep?

Sleep is so important, we need to take it seriously in order to get quality sleep. How to get high-quality sleep? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Take five minutes to relax before going to bed, such as urinating before going to bed, drinking a glass of warm water, and telling yourself to throw out everything during the day. Let yourself feel like a soft cloud, think about nothing, do nothing, and let yourself be like a light feather floating in the air.

  2. Stay away from stimuli, such as cell phones, fast-paced music, coffee, cigarettes, and everything that will make you nervous.

  3. Choose a suitable mattress. Mattress is actually a very important factor for sleep quality.

Because the support of the mattress, especially the support of the spine, is particularly important. A qualified mattress will allow the intervertebral disc to regain moisture and restore its elasticity. An unqualified mattress will not only fail to restore the intervertebral disc, but will even cause lesions and cause back pain. In addition, if the mattress support is unreasonable, it will also lead to an increase in posture adjustment and movement behavior during sleep, increasing physical energy consumption and affecting sleep quality.

So if you want to get high-quality sleep, a comfortable mattress is essential.

Generally speaking, such mattresses need to have the following characteristics:

  1. Moderate sexual intercourse. Listen, have sex in moderation. In modern society, there is generally less sexual intercourse, not too much sexual intercourse. Moderate sexual intercourse can improve sleep. It’s not that you have sex every night, or multiple times every night, it’s really bad for sleep. However, not having sex for a long time, not hugging for a long time, and not touching the skin for a long time will affect sleep. Also consider buying some adult products to add to your sex life.

  2. Use some nutrients to soothe nerves and improve sleep quality

  3. Light some incense candles

  4. Take a warm bath to relax for example and the body

  5. People with insomnia can take a walk at night, which can relax the muscles and make the body warm. As the body temperature decreases, the human body is easy to feel tired.

  6. Use auxiliary medical devices to reduce snoring, improve your own sleep quality and reduce disturbance to others.

an old lady is sleeping peacefully

Balanced Diet

The Queen focuses on a small but refined diet. Even the most delicious food, eat only one or two bites. The queen is a strictly “self-disciplined” person, and her eating habits have a characteristic: regular and quantitative, and less and more refined. Whether it’s a family meal or a banquet, the most delicious food queen will only eat one or two bites at most. She loves to eat butter, but she eats as little as possible to maintain her figure. She eats foods with more butter and cream when she attends receptions, and relatively light foods when she eats in private. Eat starchy foods such as potatoes, rice, and pasta.

The Queen’s daily diet is very healthy, with two main meals, a specific grilled fish or chicken with vegetables. The Queen is a big fan of salads and fresh fruit, so this is a healthy must-have at every meal.

In June 2019, the top journal Cell published a paper about:When old mice were injected with an enzyme from the blood of young mice, lifespan was increased by 16%, and insulin secretion, photoreceptors in the eyes, memory and cognitive function were all improved across the board.

To put it simply, after the old mice were replaced with the blood of young mice, they not only lived longer, but also had healthier physical functions. Scientists have found that there is an enzyme in the blood of mice and humans called “extracellular nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase”, which gradually declines with age. In turn, supplementing this enzyme can return to youth.

Cell Metabolism

How Can We Eat Healthy?

Our diet is not only important for the health and longevity that everyone wants, but also for daily enjoyment and hydration. In addition, food cultures such as local delicacies, traditional delicacies and event food bring more richness to the diet. In real life, we can connect with healthy eating by reviewing the disorder of our eating habits and the bias of eating, and correcting it bit by bit. In fact, it is not difficult for us to be healthy, as long as we are willing to try patiently.

nutrtion check list

Avoid excessive high-protein foods

Keep An Active Mind

Queen Elizabeth II read the news and a large number of books every day, many of which are government documents, and responds to letters in person. The best way to maintain the brain is to be active in thinking. Living and learning to old age can help delay the aging of the brain. Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude can also prolong life.

Queen Elizabeth ii signed a document

A study by the University of Bonn in Germany found that people with higher education, high IQs and good health live longer.

Official statistics from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare found that among all occupations, management workers have the longest average life expectancy; followed by state agency workers, professional technicians, business workers, agricultural and fishery workers, general industrial workers, and other simple laborers, miners.

A study conducted by Peking Union Medical College Hospital found that when people born between 1921 and 1954 were reunited in 2003, those with good education, good nutrition and living environment, and good health in old age before their brain development was completed Cognitive impairment is low.

On the contrary, due to low social security, poor cultural quality, poor diet, excessive smoking and drinking, being overweight and having little activity or heavy labor burden, people with low education level are more likely to die prematurely.

Regularly doing some memory-challenging games and activities can delay brain aging, such as doing word puzzles, playing cards occasionally, learning a foreign language, dancing a new dance, and even chewing gum, all of which can stimulate the brain. Greater blood and nutrient supply**, which may improve memory and slow brain aging.

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