Travel in UK of Windsor

Travel in UK of Windsor

The small town of Windsor is the back garden of the British Royal Family, with expensive boutiques, elegant and stylish restaurants, beautiful streets and, most importantly, Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved Windsor Castle, where every blade of grass has a deep connection to the centuries-old history of the royal family. Opposite Windsor Castle is the famous Eton College. There is also a fun-filled Legoland, a passionate horse race, the Royal Shopping Centre, beautiful Windsor Park, great food and comfortable hotels for you to enjoy.

Windsor Castle

The history of Windsor Castle dates back to the time of William I in 1070, and it has been the official home of the English court since 1100, when King Henry I held his Hajj.

Queen Elizabeth II loved Windsor Castle from her earliest years, and now spends a lot of time here, in addition to her regular months, for breaks and private weekends, as well as hosting banquets for the royal family on major festivals. The Royal Collection, for example, offers a glimpse into 900 years of British history. For example: the Royal Collection, where you can see many works of art from the royal collection, including paintings by Rembrandt and others; St. George’s Chapel, an exceptionally fine Gothic building founded by Edward III in 1348 and now housing the tombs of 10 monarchs, including the famous Henry VIII and Charles I, is well worth a visit. The Queen Mary Doll House is one of the most exciting stops in Windsor Castle, housing the world’s most famous dollhouse. The miniature yet highly restored house is a marvellous piece of craftsmanship. In addition, you can see the changing of the guards.

Windsor Castle Tour - The Queen’s Royal Residence - England Travel Ideas


The Grand Reception Room

Grand Reception Room

The magnificent ceremonial rooms used by Queen Elizabeth II to entertain her guests are sumptuous. The most striking is the Grand Reception Room, decorated with real gold and chandeliers. It was once used as the main ballroom of the castle.

Triple portrait of King Charles I

Triple portrait of King Charles I

A visit to the castle offers the opportunity to see one of the world’s greatest collections of paintings, including artists such as Hans Holbein, Van Dyck and Rubens. A highlight has to be Anthony Van Dyck’s triple portrait of King Charles I. Interestingly, it shows the fashion for men to wear their hair long on the left side. The castle is crammed with other extraordinary treasures, including incredible furniture, vases and sculptures.

Mythological paintings

Ceiling painting by Antonio Verrio

Walk through the historic rooms built for Charles II and his queen, Catherine of Braganza. If you look upwards, you will see Antonio Verrio’s wonderful mythological ceiling paintings. With kings, queens, chariots, cherubs and a banquet of gods, they are a sight to behold.

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

Curator with Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House

Don’t miss the chance to experience life in miniature at the famous Queen Mary’s Dollhouse. An unexpected find in the castle, the Doll’s House was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens for Queen Mary in 1924 to showcase the finest artists and craftspeople of the time. You can peer into rooms filled with small furniture, artwork and books, and even electricity and running water. What a childhood dream!

St George’s Chapel

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank outside St George’s Chapel

Have you ever wanted to attend a royal wedding? Inside Windsor Castle you’ll find the 500-year-old medieval wonder of St George’s Chapel. Step inside and you’ll see where many royal weddings took place, including those of HRH Princess Eugenie and Mr Jack Brooksbank. It’s also where ten kings are buried, including Henry VIII and Charles I!

St George’s Chapel is open to visitors on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and to worshippers on Sundays only.

Changing of the Guard Ceremony

The guards at Windsor Castle

The Changing of the Guard ceremony is a colourful spectacle in British celebrations and is held to allow for the handover of duties between two groups of guards. Traditionally, the privilege of escorting the monarch belonged to the Home Guard, more commonly known as the ‘Guards’, who have been performing this duty since 1660.

Windsor Castle Visit FAQs.

Q: Is it possible to take photos at Windsor Castle?

A: You cannot take photos inside the building, but you can take photos outside

Q: When can I watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony?

Castle visitors can watch the ceremony on Thursdays and Saturdays. The Guard of Honour arrives at the Castle by 11am, but the timetable is subject to change, so please check the British Army website for details. The Guard of Honour passes through the town of Windsor into the Castle where the change of guard takes place.

Q: Is there a bag storage area at Windsor Castle?

A: Yes, but there are a few issues to be aware of

Q: Is it possible to push a child’s pushchair at Windsor Castle?

A: You can push them outside, but you will need to leave them in the Cloakroom when you enter State Apartments.

Q: Is there a car park at Windsor Castle?

A: There is no parking at the attraction, you need to park in town - The nearest is Alma Road Car Park, which averages around £1.80 for 1 hour and £14.50 for 5 hours or more, and is about a 10 minute walk to the castle. - Alternatively, you can park at Alexandra and Windsor Car Parks, King Edward VII carpark and Romney Lock Car Park.

Q: What is the Windsor Castle Annual Pass?

A: A ticket purchased from the website or from the ticket office, valid for one year, but you need to get it stamped by a member of staff. - You can get your ticket stamped at the ticket office before entering the castle. - If you buy your ticket from the website, you can print it out - If you wish to visit Windsor Castle again within one year, you can use this ticket for unlimited entry.

Eton College

Eton College

This most prestigious public school for boys in England is located opposite Windsor Castle. Founded by Henry VI in 1440, it is the cradle of the elite, having produced 20 British Prime Ministers, as well as the poet Shelley, political dignitaries and is also the alma mater of Princes William and Harry. Eton also has a long history of gentlemanly culture, and one of the College’s special features is the standard tuxedo uniforms that the boys are required to wear, making it a unique sight in the town of Windsor.

Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor Resort

Opened in 1996, Legoland Windsor Resort is the second Legoland in the world. The most attractive feature for Lego lovers would be the mini-world built from 40 million Lego blocks. It is a scaled-down version of famous European and American landscapes, built with a total of around 40 million Lego blocks. The miniature landscapes are richly detailed and vivid, and the cities with their vehicles and crowds are to die for! In addition to the Lego models, the amusement park also features some large rides such as a pirate ship and a large maze, to name but a few.

Windsor Great Park

Windsor Great Park

Windsor Park is a popular picnic spot for many visitors to Windsor. The park covers 4,500 acres and was once a royal hunting estate, covering Savill Garden, Valley Garden, Virginia Water, Deer Park (home to 500 deer!) The park’s long avenue of greenery leads to Windsor Castle and is filled with endless shady lawns and a thousand-year-old statue pond. There are also restaurants and small shops inside, so you can take a break after a long day of walking around the park.

Royal Windsor Racecourse

Royal Windsor Racecourse

The Royal Windsor Racecourse is situated on 165 acres of land on the banks of the River Thames. The racing season runs from April to October and there are 27 races in total. Even if you have no interest in racing in the summer, the lively and welcoming atmosphere and the wide range of activities on offer make it a great place for men, women and children to let their hair down! The Family Fun Day, which usually takes place every May, offers free rides on all the attractions for youngsters under 18! Plus, after some of the events, there are bands and singers to celebrate and rekindle the atmosphere, so come and get high!

Windsor Royal Shopping

Windsor Royal Shopping

The Windsor Royal Shopping Centre is located next to Windsor Railway Station, which was once a major railway station in Victorian times and was transformed into a shopping centre in 1997. It is now home to many of the world’s most famous brands, as well as many cosy restaurants, cafes and craft markets, making it a must-visit leisure destination in Windsor.



Trains run from London’s Waterloo station to Windsor Riverside station every half hour and cost £8.50.

By car

From London Victoria Bus Station you can catch bus route 702 to Windsor, which runs every hour and costs £9.50 for a 1 hour journey. You can also catch bus 77 from Heathrow Airport to Windsor.

Ticket Booking

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