The Queen's Hats

The Queen's Hats

The hat is the most glamorous of accessories, it connects people with elegance and beauty.

If the crown is a symbol of the Queen’s dignity, the hat embodies her graciousness and elegance.

Who made hat for the Queen Elizabeth II?

Rachel Trevor Morgan

Rachel Trevor Morgan is a British milliner famous for the hats she makes for the Queen, and in 2014 she was awarded a Royal Warrant.

How many hats does the Queen own?

Over the past 50 years, Queen Elizabeth II has worn around 5,000 different hats. According to royal biographer Robert Lacey, these hats represent more than just a fashion statement.

Queen Elizabeth II hats

How much do the Queen’s hats cost?

But in reality, the Queen Elizabeth II wore a lot of hats. Over the course of her reign, she has worn thousands of them. And it’s safe to say that Her Majesty knows how to complete a look with a little custom-made hat. A conservative estimate is that one of Morgan’s pieces alone would cost at least around £600.

Typical styles of hats

The hat is an upper-class headdress, usually worn by British women at weddings and other events. At royal events, people are always on the lookout for lavish and glamorous accessories worn by women of the British monarchy. This is because the dress code dictates that they must always wear a hat to formal events.

Indeed, not only in Britain, but throughout Europe, hats were not just a necessity, but were seen as a status symbol. Many centuries ago, English ladies and noblewomen were obsessed with the adornment of hats. Until now, hats have had a long history of tradition in Britain.

hats have had a long history of tradition in Britain

And the British hat culture, is not only in the complex variety, but also in the hat etiquette. First of all, the British female members of the royal family, all appear in formal occasions, must according to their clothes with different styles and wear the hat.

Let’s take a look at some of the more typical hats.

Cloche Hat

Side-Swept Cloche

In 1908, French designer Caroline Rippon invented the Cloche Hat, the bell-shaped hat. By the early 20th century, the Cloche Hat had reached its peak of influence and even led to the creation of the matching ‘bobble head’.

The Cloche Hat is characterised by its low brim, which covers more of the forehead, and the shape of the hat, which is more flattering to the head.

With the help of the Cloche Hat, women with long hair were able to experiment with new looks without having to cut their hair. At the same time, the Cloche Hat can be transformed by changing its shape, material and decoration to create a different look.

Boater Hat

Emerald Head to Toe

The Boater Hat was originally a hat style for men. In the 19th century, European sailors liked to wear flat-topped, flat-brimmed straw hats, and the Boater Hat became popular and was often worn by men for formal occasions in the summer.

At almost the same time, the hat became popular with women and children. Women’s hats had larger brims, darker hat bands, were often decorated with flowers and were made of more varied materials. In Chanel, Audrey Tautou wears the Boater Hat in several scenes to bring out her character’s sophisticated side.

The Boater Hat is a little ‘stiff’ but can be softened by the colour and decoration of the hat band, a style favoured by the Queen and her granddaughter Princess Beatrice.

The Queen wore a vibrant aquamarine hat blooming with ranunculus to attend an Easter mass at St George’s Chapel in Windsor

Cocktail Hat

Periwinkle Polkadot

The Cocktail Hat is a small, brimless hat, usually worn on the top or side of a lady’s head, which has a visible, shaped base but does not completely cover the wearer’s head. And most Cocktail Hats are highly decorated with exaggerated designs such as feathers, flowers and bows. The Cocktail Hat with its veil is also very vintage and elegant in the English sense.

The Cocktail hat was introduced in the 1930s. In England at the time, it was an obligatory etiquette for women to wear a hat in public, especially for social events. However, these high society ladies and noblewomen found that the hat, worn daily during the day, was less suitable for more formal evening dresses for afternoon events, such as tea balls in the garden in the evening, or cocktail parties.

At this point, a wave of small hats from Hollywood quickly swept through celebrity fashion circles around the world. When the talented designer Elsa Schiaparelli worked as a costume consultant for Hollywood films, she created a new type of hat for ladies’ evening dresses, the Cocktail Hat.

Princess Kate is a big fan of this hat.


Big Blue Rose

In fact, dating back to European history, women were fond of decorating their hair with ribbons, pearls and feathers from very early on.

In 18th century Europe, the variety of decorations on these hairpieces became more varied and exaggerated, with jewellery, ostrich feathers, fruit, even model boats, animals and anything else you could think of, probably appearing in women’s hair.

Like the Cocktail Hat, it was usually worn on the top or side of the head. The Fascinator may be a ribbon, a hair clip or a comb with delicate ornaments (feathers, flowers, bows, etc.) attached to it.

Like the Cocktail Hat, it was worn by members of the British royal family and nobility for formal occasions such as weddings, christenings or other important royal events.

Pillbox Hat

The Queen, looking pretty in a pink pillbox hat, in 1992

The Pillbox Hat dates back to the Roman Empire and is derived from the military cap of the army. It is characterised by a flat top and a smooth perimeter without a brim.

The Pillbox Hat was a favourite of the royal family, whether it was a simple classic, a new material and pattern, or a variety of embellishments, we have always seen it.

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