Queen Elizabeth II's Accessories

Queen Elizabeth II's Accessories

The Queen is always so radiant every time she appears in public, always giving the impression of elegance, nobility and beauty. As a queen, she has countless luxurious accessories. As a woman who holds a pivotal position in the world, this dual identity makes her accessories not only represent some political implications, but also full of love for family members.

The Queen Expresses Deep Meaning Through Accessories

Although jewelry is silent, it must be worn intentionally. Jewelry can actually speak, and every piece of jewelry has its deep meaning, which is particularly evident in Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. When she appears in public, she does not need to speak, and the jewelry on her body has already been made in advance. made a speech.

Queen Elizabeth ii encourage UK people during covid-19 period

As COVID-19 ravaged Europe in May 2020, the Queen called on the British people to unite through the difficult times brought on by Covid-19. This time, the queen wore a very conspicuous turquoise brooch, which matched the color of the queen herself, and this brooch actually has a lot of background and has a profound meaning.

queen mary and brooch

The Queen’s brooch is actually one of a set of turquoise jewellery inherited from the Queen’s grandmother, Queen Mary. Turquoise is generally considered to represent healing and peace. In fact, Queen Elizabeth has only worn it in public once in the half-century after her accession to the throne. This time the queen wears this brooch to show its historical symbol significance.

tons of patients were lying in the hospital caused by The Great Influenza of 1918

About a century ago, there was also a global virus pandemic in the world, that is, the 1918 pandemic. Like this new coronavirus, the pandemic caused all human beings to fall into the most difficult time, and the death toll was as high as 40 million. , At that time, more than 220,000 people in the UK died of the virus pandemic, and even then King George was infected. In an embarrassing moment for the country, Queen Mary, the wife of King George, put aside the shackles of traditional royal etiquette and actively organized Relief work, organized clothing operations for British women, and implemented employment plans. With her kindness and diligence, she reversed the traditional impression of the British royal family in the hearts of the people and helped the United Kingdom get out of the predicament.

queen mary

This time, Queen Elizabeth wore a brooch from Queen Mary to make an anti-epidemic TV call, which itself conveys the attitude and historical origin of the royal family and every citizen.

The Queen of England is a good example of using jewelry to speak, such as the meeting with US President Trump in 2018, which attracted worldwide attention. Trump is not liked by the British people or even the royal family. This meeting was accompanied by the Queen alone, and members of the royal family refused to meet Trump. However, as the representative of the country, the Queen cannot be willful. Still got to see the President of the United States, but the Queen was so smart that she expressed her true attitude by wearing a brooch.

former president of usa donal trum walking with queen Elizabeth ii in 2018

The Queen chose to wear a teardrop-shaped brooch on the day of her meeting with Trump, which complemented the delicate dark-patterned coat and hat, but interestingly, the last time she wore the brooch was at the funeral of her father, King George VI, full of metaphors .

queen’s Sapphire Diamond Brooch

On the day Trump left the UK, the Queen took out a new gift she received last year - a sapphire diamond brooch shaped like a snowflake. And the country that gave this gift is Canada, which has had a quarrel with Trump. Wearing this brooch to say goodbye to Trump is like saying: goodbye, never see you again.

The Queen celebrates Victory in Europe Day wore a Boucheron aquamarine double-cut diamond brooch

In her speech to mark the 75th anniversary of World War II’s “Victory in Europe Day”, she also wore a Boucheron aquamarine double-cut diamond brooch. The brooch was a birthday present from her father, King George VI, in 1944. Wearing it during a speech on Victory Day is also a way to express the memory of the wartime king, and it is also directly related to the content of the speech.

Accessories Borrowed From the Queen by the Queen’s Beloved Children

As we all know, the Queen can be regarded as a “walking jewelry storehouse”, with countless ancestral royal treasures. Other members of the royal family, from her children to grandchildren such as Kate and Princess Meghan, wear jewelry on many occasions from the Queen. come.

Let’s take a look at what jewelry the princess and the queen have borrowed.

For example, the crown ↓ that Kate wore when she married William was borrowed from the Queen:

The tiara worn by Princess Kate and Princess Anne when they got married

The tiara, a Halo Tiara made by Cartier, was the Queen’s 18th birthday present. At that time the queen was not the queen, but the young “Princess Elizabeth”. The Queen’s daughter Princess Anne (pictured above right) also wore the tiara when she visited New Zealand in 1970. When Kate and William got married, they also wore this very commemorative tiara.

Another very very classic crown, called “Lover’s Knot” love knot, is the picture below↓

Crowns worn by Princess Diana and Kate Lover’s Knot

This crown is made of diamonds and 19 pearls. It was originally custom-made for Queen Mary (the grandmother of the current Queen Elizabeth II) in 1913 by the Royal Jeweller Garrard, and was later inherited and gifted to Princess Diana by the current Queen Elizabeth II. It can be said that this crown has become a very famous and classic royal jewelry because of Diana. However, Diana is said to be less fond of the tiara, complaining about the pearls it hangs on. But it’s really beautiful to wear~ Princess Kate wore this crown at the diplomatic receptions in 2015 and 2016, she should like it~

Take another look at this sparkling diamond necklace:

diamond necklace

The origin of this necklace is very “domineering”. In the 20th century in central India, there was a kingdom called Hyderabad, and its ruler Nizam was also one of the richest people in the world. At the Queen’s wedding, Nizam said that she could give the Queen any Cartier jewelry she wanted (when can I meet such a rich friend). In the end, the Queen opted for a flower-shaped diamond tiara and matching necklace (pictured above). The two pendants below this necklace are also detachable. Later, the crown was split into other jewelry, and the necklace queen was often worn. Duchess Kate borrowed the necklace when she attended the National Portrait Gallery’s annual dinner in 2014.

Take a look at this equally very sparkling necklace:

Duchess Kate wearing the Queen’s diamond necklace

This necklace made of rubies and diamonds is the work of the famous jewelry brand Boucheron, and it was a wedding gift that the Queen received from her parents that year. It was originally purchased by the British lady Margaret Greville in 1907, and then given to Queen Elizabeth (the mother of the current Queen), and finally passed to the Queen. Duchess Kate wore the necklace to a dinner in Spain in 2017.

There are many more detachable “multi-purpose” royal jewels like this, which can be used as a crown, a necklace, and a brooch. The following bracelet was also reworked by Crown Jewels:

Duchess Kate wore queen’s necklace to a dinner in Spain in 2017

Duchess Kate wears a bracelet from Prince Philips to the Queen

When Prince Philip proposed to the Queen, he was just a Royal Navy officer and not particularly wealthy, so his mother gave him a tiara. The tiara was later taken apart, and the jewelry on it was made into an engagement ring and a bracelet (the one on the queen’s right hand and the princess’ left hand in the picture). This bracelet consists of three symmetrical geometric figures, each with a large diamond in the center and small diamonds dotted around it. Princess Kate borrowed this bracelet to wear when she attended a banquet in 2015.

Accessories - Brooches

Female bosses love brooches, which are actually closely related to their dressing styles. In terms of color, they prefer solid colors, and in terms of style, they like to wear suits, coats and dresses, and brooches can fit well.

High Light Solid Color Clothing

Powerful women in the political and business world prefer the stable and capable Power Style, so solid-color suits are very popular with them, and small and shiny brooches can be just right to embellish them, so that the look is no longer dull.

Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, likes to match a striking Chanel camellia hollow brooch on a black suit, which has also become a fixed match for most of her appearances.

Christine Lagarde in solid color with brooch

In the early years, when Mrs. Thatcher was shooting the standard portrait, she had worn the George III diamond flower brooch with a full sense of shape, with a red suit, which was extraordinarily aura.

Mrs Thatcher wearing a George III diamond flower brooch with a red suit

Brooch Style, Wearing fado, All-match Dressing Style

Brooch is a very special existence in jewelry. It is not only rich in styles, but also very diverse in wearing methods. Therefore, no matter what style of clothes the female boss wears, the brooch can play a very good embellishment role.

Many members of the royal family and many women in political circles will use brooches to match their suits when attending official events, and wear them in the most conventional positions, which is more formal and elegant.

Lady Thatcher and Kate both wore brooches

There are so many ways to wear brooches, and many celebrities don’t stick to traditional positions when wearing them.When wearing a deep V dress, many celebrities will wear a brooch in the middle of the chest. Grace Kelly wore this brooch from Van Cleef & Arpels, made of diamonds and sapphires in the shape of a flower, the focal point of the look.

Grace Kelly wore brooch in the middle

Boucheron CEO Hélène Poulit-Duquesne directly pinned his grandmother’s brooch to the black turtleneck, with a sense of boss.

Hélène Poulit-Duquesne directly pinned her grandmother’s brooch to a black turtleneck

Brooch Can Be a Symbol of Power

In addition to lighting up clothing and versatile styles, brooches love brooches more because they can enhance the aura and bring a sense of strength compared to other jewelry.

The brooch was originally an exclusive accessory for men. In the Greco-Roman era, brooches were used by knights and kings to fix their robes to maintain the majesty of warriors.

Later, it was not until the Middle Ages that women began to wear brooches, and the designs of brooches became more and more diverse. Brooches made of diamonds and precious gems are especially loved by the royal family and nobles, which not only reflect the noble status of the royal family, but also a symbol of power. For example, the Queen of England wears a brooch wherever she goes.

Queen’s Assortment of Brooches

When Lagarde attends formal occasions, she basically arranges a brooch to enhance her aura. The ruby on the left is a bit similar to a medal, and the animal head on the right is even more confusing, as if to say: Don’t approach strangers.

Christine Lagarde attends formal workplace wears brooch

Mrs Thatcher also loves to use this Cartier diamond brooch with a geometric Art Deco style to match the power suit. The design is simple and heroic, and at the same time is particularly “authoritative”.

Lady Thatcher’s brooch

Some tips for Buying Brooch

Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying corsages:

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