The Queen's Corgis

The Queen's Corgis

The dog was her first love, and will be her last. So says British royal biographer Ingrid Seward.

Under Queen Elizabeth II, the Corgi became a royal symbol, once referred to by Princess Diana as a “mobile carpet”. They have accompanied the Queen in portraits, official photographs, commemorative coins and the opening film of the 2012 London Olympics.

James Bond and The Queen London 2012 Performance


Susan and her offspring

The Queen’s love of dogs began in 1944. Elizabeth, then a princess, received a puppy named Susan from her father George for her 18th birthday. The dog became the most important friend in the girl’s life and stayed with her for 15 years until she passed away.

Susan 1959

The story doesn’t end there. Fortunately, Susan left behind her offspring. Since then, the little girl has been raising Susan’s offspring for 60 years.

Susan’s family tree

The Corgi was not only the Queen’s beloved pet, but also a bond with her father and a more carefree time. Each puppy after Susan was a way to stay connected to her and a reminder that life and dynasties go on.

While her husband, Prince Philip, spent his life walking behind his wife, the Corgi ran ahead - reveling in the freedom that the Queen herself refused. Princess Diana is said to have coined the term “moving carpet” to describe the pack of dogs that preceded her. But the queen called them “girls” and “boys. Throughout her years of breeding, she never sold a single puppy. All stayed with her or were given to breeders, relatives or friends.

The Queen, Prince Philip and her corgi

From 1933 to 2018, the Queen always owned at least one Corgi - but in most cases, it was much more than that. Prince Philip never liked the breed as much as his wife, who was apparently heard to complain, “Damn dogs! Why do you have so many?”

The Queen’s family

Then there were the Dodgers - originally the result of an illicit connection between Princess Margaret’s dachshund Pipkin and a corgi named Tiny in the 1970s. The Queen and Princess Margaret were so enamored with the results that they mated the dogs again, and about 10 Dorky pups were born over the years.

They vary in appearance, some with their ears pointing upward, like corgis, and others drooping. But they all have long tails and are smaller than purebred corgis.

Dorgi Candy

She once said, “Only my dog is the most obedient child, and I trust him more than I trust anything ……” Whenever she didn’t want to face something, she always said, “I’m going to walk the dog in the garden “.


Although the Queen has had many Corgis, and each one has been sad to see go, Willow’s loss hit her harder than any other - Willow was the last Corgi the Queen had, and the last offspring Susan had left with her, and the most important link to her former family. Willow was the last corgi the Queen had, the last of Susan’s offspring to remain with her, and the most important link to her former family.

With Willow, the Queen still seems to have a connection with herself, her mother and father, and her youth from many years ago. Its departure, it seems, also represents the end of an era.

Willow, The Queen’s last corgi

Note: At least two of the corgis left behind after the Queen’s passing will be raised by Prince Andrew and his ex-wife.

Favors from the Queen

In fact, the Queen’s dogs have quite a few privileges. These corgis are allowed to roam freely around Buckingham Palace. When the Queen moves to the palace, the corgis are there with her. When the Queen tries on new outfits, the dogs get a first glimpse. To protect their sensitive paws, the Queen even often carries a magnet around to suck up any stitches that might inadvertently fall out.

And each of these king’s dogs is deeply favored by the king. Favored to what extent?

Better food and shelter than the royal family

Corky’s royal recipe is posted in the royal dining room and must be fresh ingredients, with steak, liver tips, rabbit and chicken breast. The chef put the finished meat on and the queen poured the sauce herself. In one case, the cook used canned meat that was not fresh and was immediately demoted.

Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s castles all over the world have Corgi mansions. They are air-conditioned in summer, heated in winter, have toys, and are bathed and groomed by their own personal attendants. They also have their own special shoes, Buckingham Palace debris more, the Queen worried about stabbing their paws, specially asked the supplier of shoes designed for police dogs to customize shoes for Corgi.

Status cannot be underestimated

Some people say that if you want to make the Queen angry, the best way is to step on a Corgi. The Queen regards dogs as members of the royal family and no one is allowed to speak loudly to them, and anger is not allowed. In the past few decades, the royal family has more than ten servants have been punished for “offending” the dog.

In addition to servants, princesses are not allowed. In 2003 Christmas, the Queen’s Corgi Pharos was bitten to death by Princess Anne’s bulldog Dotty, then shocked the royal family, the Queen were devastated, but also set up an investigation team, and finally Dotty was executed.

Follow the Queen around the world

Under the Queen’s strong favor, in the decades of companionship, Corgi also became a royal mascot like existence, popular with everyone.

As a close friend of the Queen, Susan and all her descendants share the same surname as the Queen, “Windsor”. The Queen has had up to 13 corgis at one time. When they move, they are like a “moving carpet”.

In the usual travel, the Queen also did not forget to take the Corgi group, so they have become a regular visitor to the airport, with a special waiter.

And when the Queen meets with foreign dignitaries, the little corgis can do as they please. In the living room running around, the queen will sometimes pet them with her hands, and will also throw a few pet cookies from time to time, making them bark.

Elizabeth will often feed the corgis herself when she has time, she will feed them with finely chopped meat, and will also pick some of her own food and mash it up for them to eat.

In the eyes of the media and the public, this group of cute corgi, almost a symbol of the Queen and the royal family.

It can be said that no one in the entire British royal family really likes corgis as much as the Queen.

The most gentle companion

Since 1944, the Queen has had over 30 Corgis.

Corgis have been with her even longer than Prince Philip has been with her.

Prince William has said that his grandmother’s ability to maintain such a good temper and rational temperament may also have something to do with the fact that she has kept so many corgis.

“All the corgis are barking, and I don’t know how Grandma really copes with that.”

Although having so many corgis may seem like a lot of noise and trouble.

But it is precisely when facing her own corgis that the queen becomes very gentle and relaxed.

Little Corgi Secrets

What is it about the Corgi that makes the Queen a lifelong favorite?

Soft appearance, short legs and fat hips

The Corgi’s short legs are top-notch in the dog world, and the adult Corgi’s legs are only 8 cm long, and with fat hips, they are simply sexy fans when they walk, aren’t there many friends who are attracted by its short legs and fat hips?

Meek and gentle, non-aggressive

The Corgi has a very docile personality and can quickly establish a relationship with its owner and trust him. I believe that you need a pet that can be accompanied by such a small pet. The Corgi is not aggressive, and it is safe to walk the dog.

Short hair and soft, no body odor

The Corgi’s coat is short and silky, making it easy to care for, and the short coat won’t get on debris while he’s playing. Because of its short coat, it also dissipates heat very well and does not have body odor, so the Corgi is a very clean breed, and is usually bathed once a month.

Lively and active, optimistic and cheerful

Although the Corgi is a small short-legged, but you think its sports cells are not developed? It is very lively and active, it is not only the appearance of soft and cute, personality is also a munchkin, especially playful, in addition to not have that kind of demolition home strength, Corgi is also idle species. If you feel that your home is too cold, raise a Corgi immediately lively, for the elderly children is also a very good playmate oh.

High IQ, warm and sticky

The IQ of the Corgi is ranked 11 in the dog world, can be said to be a very high IQ dog, it is a very warm and sticky little baby. If the owner is only concerned about their own games, it will jump on you to let you hold it; if the owner eat alone, it will look at you, never miss the opportunity to eat snacks; if the owner is in a bad mood, it will come to hug, and then quietly stay in your arms.

Corgi food recommendations

If you have a cute corgi too, then come along and check out the food recommendations here. Of course, we can’t take care of our puppy like a queen, but we can give her enough love.

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