The Queen and Royal Family Loves Gloves Brand - Royal Warrant Brand Cornelia James

The Queen and Royal Family Loves Gloves Brand - Royal Warrant Brand Cornelia James

The Queen and Royal Family Loves Gloves Brand - Royal Warrant Brand Cornelia James

In winter, I put on thick clothes, shoes and hats, but instead of putting my palms in my clothes pockets, I felt my fingers stiff within a few minutes, and soon the cold passed from my fingertips to my body, making people shiver. Bloated and clumsy gloves will not be liked by Lady Amy. Today I will introduce you to a royal certified glove brand Cornelia James (CJ)

Queen Elizabeth ii and Duchess Kate both like Cornelia James手套

The queen wore a red dress, black CJ gloves, and carried her favorite Launer bag to church for worship

And Princess Kate often wears CJ gloves of various colors and clothes on her hands.

Duchess Kate Smiles in These CJ Gloves

Just like the Launer bag that has accompanied the Queen for 50 years, since Cornelia James made the pair of gloves for the Queen’s wedding in 1947, its family has never left the Queen’s side.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip wave at wedding

For over 70 years, the Queen’s clothes have changed countless sets, and almost all of them are the combination of Launer + Cornelia James ~ whether it is long or short, black or white, with various rainbow suits, they all match.

Queen Elizabeth II wears different CJ gloves with different outfits

Because it is too “specific”, some foreign media said that whenever the Queen is mentioned, many people will think of her image of wearing pure cotton white gloves and waving. And it is said that the Queen’s gloves more than 10 years ago will still be taken out and worn again, and they will be sewed off when they are off. It seems to be another brand “chosen by Queen Elizabeth”

Maybe it’s because of the queen’s “favourite”. Over the years, its gloves have been picked by many fashion icons and the queen of bringing goods. For example, when Princess Kate attends public occasions, she is often photographed matching clothes with different styles. ↓

Duchess Kate waving to people

There are also Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Hailey, Taylor, Madonna, etc., who are all its fans. They are flexible in various occasions. They are not only elegant women, but also have aura and unique charm.

Superstars love CJ gloves too

Cornelia James Gloves Guaranteed Quality

Like most British brands, Cornelia James pays attention to workmanship, using traditional British craftsmanship, and the fabrics are lace, cotton, suco satin or silk, which are very delicate and delicate. A knowledgeable person only needs to look to know that you have extraordinary taste.

Sewing woman is using sewing machine to sew CJ gloves

At the same time, from its inception (1946) to today, the brand has been known for its rich colours and elegant styles, and Vogue magazine even unabashedly praised founder Cornelia as “England’s Queen of Color”. This quality and design is similar to that of the Queen’s favorite brand: elegant and beautiful in design, versatile and exquisite in craftsmanship.

They put a lot into a pair of our gloves. At least Ninety-six inches of stitching, each executed with care and precision to make a glove fit to stand the test of time. One glovemaker fashions the glove from start to finish and - when it’s done - they put their name to it. It’s personal.

Cornelia James Merino Wool Gloves

Merino wool is absolutely everything you would want the wool to be except ‘woolly’, which means that we can make fine, really soft and really warm gloves in a ‘couture’ type of fabric. Warm hands have never been so stylish. The wool of the Merino sheep is very fine, so the yarn spun from it is soft and long fibre wool, making it exceptionally durable. There is no better fabric for gloves.

It even has a natural give and takes, like leather, which makes for beautifully fitting gloves. These are the ‘do anything, go anywhere gloves. If you’re thinking of investing in your first pair of ‘proper’ gloves, you couldn’t pick a better pair, and if you already have a drawerful of gloves, you’ll wonder how you managed without these. Our Merino wool gloves are the classiest around. Cornelia introduced this fabric in the 70s, and it’s just as relevant now as it was then. That’s the mark of a true classic.

Imogen | Merino Wool Glove

图片:Imogen Merino Wool Glove

Imogen is a glove which is dear to our hearts and a glove which will take you anywhere. It’s practical enough to be an ‘everyday’ glove - robust, warm and delightfully comfortable. But the bow that we have cleverly insinuated into the cuff adds a touch that makes this glove perfect for special occasions. If you are thinking of buying your first pair of ‘proper’ gloves, then this is the glove for you.

Made From Our pure wool gloves are cut from a super fine jersey Merino wool. We make them in exactly the same way that we make all our gloves - 2 metres of painstaking stitching that joins tranks, fourchettes and thumbs. The end product is a pair of gloves that is beautifully styled, built to last and warm. The perfect Autumn/Winter glove.

Dimensions 2 bl (button length). This is the length of the glove, in inches, from the hem at the top of the glove to where the thumb meets the wrist.


With care, you can gently hand wash these gloves in warm water with pure soap flakes. Gently wash and rinse through repeatedly and avoid any scrubbing. Please allow the gloves to dry naturally - avoid wringing, tumble drying or artificial heat - and when they are still a little damp, pull them back into shape.


Without Touchscreen : £125

With Touchscreen :£150

Evening & Opera Gloves

A pair of evening gloves can turn a party into a real ball with its style, definition, elegance, and authority.

The classic evening glove is ‘opera length’, measuring 16 inches from the thumb seam (just below the wrist) and ending mid-upper arm, and can be made in silk, satin, velvet, lace or cotton. If ostrich feathers are the only thing you need in an opera glove, they can be trimmed with a wild, over-the-top profusion of ostrich feathers.

We can also include a ‘mousquetaire’ opening. This is a buttoned opening on the inside of the wrist which allows the hand to be removed from the glove whilst leaving the glove sleeve on the arm. This is essential for formal banqueting - you shouldn’t eat wearing gloves - but is also great for brides. Even if you don’t use the mousquetaire, it significantly makes a nice detail when trimmed with Swarovski buttons.

Long evening gloves are not the only option. Adding zing, sparkle, and glamour to any outfit is possible with gloves. ‘Melody’ (short-ish, ballerina cuff, Swarovski buttons) is the ultimate up-and-go party glove. Or go sweet and sultry in black lace. Choices, choices…

Satin Opera Glove

图片: Ariadne | Satin Opera Glove

A long evening glove, finishing above the elbow and trimmed with ostrich feathers.

Made From Our Duchess Satin is a medium weight satin which brims with confidence. It has the glimmer of a fabric which knows how to capture moonbeams. It holds the promise, the allure of enchanted evenings and is guaranteed to unlock the mysteries of romance. We promise. And with just a touch of stretch for added comfort and wearability.

Dimensions 16 bl (button length). This is the length of the glove, in inches, from the hem at the top of the glove to where the thumb meets the wrist.


Dry clean only



How To Wear Long Evening Gloves

Cornelia James Leather Gloves

Natural leather is Nature’s gift to glovemakers; smooth, malleable, and endowed with a natural ‘give and take that allows their craft to give heavenly form to the human hand.

For winter gloves, leather is also absolutely the classic choice. Classic doesn’t mean safe, however. It’s a matter of reinterpretation and reinvigoration. You will find all kinds of delights here: long, luxurious leather gloves, short and snappy leather gloves, cashmere lined, silk lined.

Emilie | Classic Leather Glove

图片:Emilie | Classic Leather Glove

Emilie is a classic leather glove done right. Simplicity and charm in wrist length nappa leather. The 3 points and a side vent adds elegance to your everyday wardrobe.

Made From Ethiopian Lambskin Leather with a lining in pure Silk

Dimensions 2 bl (button length). This is the length of the glove, in inches, from the hem at the top of the glove to where the thumb meets the wrist.

Care how to care for leather glove

Price : £125

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